Will I get the item that is photographed?

Here at Elemental Crystals we do our best to provide accurate photographs of each item, majority of our products are individually photographed to allow you to be able to choose the one you receive but at times we will do group photo graphs (tumblestones, rough chunks etc.) and will intuitively choose the one you receive. Every crystal listed will have a final paragraph stating if the item photographed is the one you receive or if you will have one intuitively selected for you.


Why does my order get packed with Lavender?

Lavender is a wonderful herb, it provides both a beautiful scent and has powerful protective energies. Packing a parcel with lavender is believed to help protect the parcel and the crystals on its journey. You are welcome to leave a note at checkout if you do not wish it included.


Why do prices change?

We have a built-in Currency Exchanger here on the website, helps remove the guess work when buying internationally. This Currency Exchanger will update its exchange rates daily to reflect accurately the prices in your currency.