About Us

Elemental Crystals is a small, one man, holistic shop in the heart of rural Aberdeenshire. Joss, owner of Elemental Crystals, started up the shop in the early months of 2014, working from a spare room at home, listing the simple items online, your every day crystals, such as Clear Quartz, Dalmatian Jasper, and Malachite; but it wasn’t long until Elemental Crystals grew…

Joss, just turned 18 at the time, has had a lifetime fascination with the healing benefits of crystals; gaining many accreditation’s and certificates relating around crystals and associated therapies. Using this knowledge, Joss quickly found his footing within the crystal world and has been using this knowledge to source unique crystals from around the world, gaining unique contacts, often helping him cut out the middle man. Going direct to source, Joss has continually managed to provide top quality, at ‘rock’ bottom prices, even on occasion bringing various crystals out of unknown sources.

Elemental Crystals has recently turned 4 years old, and Joss hasn’t looked back once, continuing to grow by leaps and bounds and continuing to source the very best crystals while creating a hub for therapists of all walks of life to provide therapies within their fields. Elemental Crystals is like the Earth, forever expanding and evolving and will continue to do so for many years. Joss continues to promise, and provide, the very best in quality, and service, within the field, where nothing is ever a problem, and where every question isn’t a hindrance, but is a chance to share knowledge, and experiences.

Elemental Crystals is forever wishing to improve and grow, creating and reaching targets; such as the recent goal of sourcing and using biodegradable bubblewrap, saving thousands of metres of plastic being thrown into the bin; or donating part of the proceeds from our Crystal Web Necklaces to Life Project Combodia; or raising money every year through various events for local charities. Joss vets every one of his sources, ensuring they follow an ethical standard of mining, aiming to reduce any negative effects on the local flora and fauna, while ensuring safe, and fair, working conditions for anyone who sources, mines, and carves any of the crystals provided.