Elemental Crystals is a small holistic shop based in rural Aberdeenshire, in North-East Scotland A land steeped in ancient history with many monuments and carvings left behind from each culture that has visited this magical land. These include the Maiden Stone, Neolithic carved stone balls and Easter Aquhorthies – one of the many Stone Circles.


I started this venture in the summer of 2014. I started off with a few various tumblestones, you know, the common things like Clear Quartz, Dalmatian Jasper and Malachite. It wasn’t long before I realised I had found something that I was truly passionate about and this is when I decided to dive in head first. I did my first bulk purchase, dozens of Salt Lamps, mountains of Selenite, a wizards collection of crystal wands and enough sage to smudge the world.


Crystals and other natural remedies have always been a part of my life, it wasn’t exactly uncommon to find me wearing crystal bracelets or have a few crystals tucked in my backpack. Since I started this venture I’ve made some fantastic friends and gained so much knowledge that I now use to help provide a bespoke service for anyone that needs it. It’s now part of my daily life to mention to someone going through hard times that ‘there is a crystal for that’.


This ever growing knowledge is what pushed me to stretch my wings and create the Elemental Crystals website. This website allows me not only to easily provide crystals for thousands across the world but also provides an easily accessible blog on which I can share my stories, experiences and knowledge. The blog might not look like at much at the moment but I will add to it as often as I can.


Now, here I am in September 2015, rewriting this section as so much has happened this past year. I’ve now created contacts all over the globe, South Africa, Madagascar, Tanzania, Brazil, Bolivia, Australia, Russia and well the list continues. I work closely with each of my contacts to increase the range of crystals available here almost weekly. Without the support of both my friends and family as well as my countless customers this wouldn’t have been possible.


Elemental Crystals is now growing once again and is currently in the process of opening up a physical store! I’ve always done my best to be able to allow customers to visit my home and select their crystals in person but I’ve officially ran out of room in my home so thought why not take the plunge. I look forward to being able to provide countless more customers with the crystals they deserve and finally be able to provide items that I can’t post, such as dazzling geodes!


Update – 5ft of January 2017

It’s now been nearly a complete year since I first opened the doors at Elemental Crystals HQ, and I must thank everyone who has supported both my Store and Website this past year.


Thank you for your continuing support. If you need any assistance in finding the perfect crystal for you or just wish to have a chat about crystals then head over to the contact page and get in touch!




Joss x