Elemental Crystals is a small, holistic shop, based in Rothienorman of rural Aberdeenshire. A land steeped in ancient history, with many monuments and carvings left behind from each culture that visited these magical lands. Such land marks, like the Maiden Stone, Neolithic Carved Balls and Easter Aquhorthies pay homage to this ancient history.

Elemental Crystals started it’s journey as a quick spark of inspiration within me in 2014; it started off with just a few tumblestones, the every day crystals, Clear Quartz, Dalmatian Jasper, and Malachite. It wasn’t long before I discovered his calling and increased the variety available on his once small eBay Store. I did my first bulk purchase, dozens of Salt Lamps, mountains of Selenite, a wizards collection of Crystal Wands and enough Sage to smudge the world.

Crystals, and other natural remedies, have always been a part of my life; I was often wearing crystal bracelets while going around my every day business and often had small crystals tucked in my backpack – Through Elemental Crystals I’ve been able to teach countless others about the healing benefits of crystals, and how they can help improve every day life for many people. While on this journey I’ve made countless friends who have helped support my adventure into the unknown and help me provide a truly bespoke service.

As time went on, eBay wasn’t enough, I needed to spread my wings and create a website, a space dedicated to the crystals I can offer and the knowledge I have learnt about. This website has allowed me to reach further afield, providing an easy base to purchase crystals no matter where you are in the world, while also creating a unique blog that I can ramble on about crystals for as long as I wish.

As time went on, it wasn’t long before I needed to take flight, I needed more space to spread my wings, so I set up a niche shop in the little village of Rothienorman, it’s here that I’ve made my home; it’s this space that has allowed me to hold the vast range of crystals before in a physical space and through the website. Having the space available, I’ve been able to make direct links between myself and those who mine the crystals, managing to purchase various crystals from source – cutting out the middle man and saving you money, while vastly improving quality!

Nothing is ever constant, the world continues to change and evolve and so shall Elemental Crystals; I’ll always seek out the next best thing while ensuring to make Elemental Crystals a one-stop shop for any of your needs. Feel free to contact myself through the ‘Contact Us’ page if you have any queries or wish to ramble on about crystals!