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Crystal Healing – K2 Stone

K2 Stone is the name given to a relatively recently discovered stone. It was found just a couple years ago in the foothills of the K2 Montain within the Karakoram Range within Pakistan & China. The main base of this stone is hard Granite, which is complimented nicely with spheres of Azurite. Some people claim […]

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Woman sleeping on white background

5 Tips to a Better Nights Sleep

  It’s happened to us all at some point or another, all we wish to do is have a restful night’s sleep but our minds just won’t shut off and we just end up staring at the ceiling for hours on end.   Insomnia is on the rise as our lives get more and more […]

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July’s Giveaway

We thought we would give something new a try at Elemental Crystals. To be in for the chance to win this beautiful Septarian Slice, simply place an order either through our Facebook, Website or In Store and you’ll be entered automatically. The winner will be announced during our Live Show on the 30th of July which […]

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Himalayan Salt – The Mineral that is taking the world by storm!

Imagine this, you’re visiting your friends house for dinner, you go through into the kitchen to help the Host in the kitchen only to see them throw a handful of Pink salt into the boiling pot before you even have a chance to ask ‘What on earth is that?’. This scenario is starting to happen more […]

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Personal Collection ~ Megalith!

Moldavite – The Crystal that fell from the Stars.

Moldavite is a natural glass formed approximately 14.7 million years ago, commonly believed to have been formed due to a meteoric impact in Germany. Moldavite falls into the ‘Tektite’ Family. Tektites are Natural Glasses formed typically due to meteoric impacts in different locations across the world. Moldavite comes from several different locations, Southern Bohemia, Radomilice, […]

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